Thursday, November 17, 2011

Play of the Day: NYC 41 Handoff 15 High Iso

Czar is back with a play from the Knicks called 41 handoff 15 high iso. When you don't have a power big it's a good idea to use plays with movement to get your athletic big or wings the ball in space. This is a beautiful misdirection play that can give you some descent options.

Enjoy !


  1. Hi coach Czar! :)

    Still watching your blog every day, waiting for new videos! :)

    I just have a comment on this one : you tell us the 1st shot option is when Turiaf and Billups run a dribble handoff...

    Personnaly, the 1st time I run this play, I pass the ball to Billups just after Stoudemire's screen. That's a great opportunity for a shot! ;)

  2. Good eye Dmax I missed that one !!!

  3. Hello Da_Czar,

    First thanks for posting about NYK play; I've been waiting for this!

    I tried to run this offense on PS3 but I can't get it right- After the entry pass from Chauncey to Fields, Chauncey doesn't run to the opposite side, instead he goes to where Melo is (left 3pt baseline) then Melo goes near Fields (Left Shoulder 3pt)... Chauncey never runs for the hand-off...

    This play by default is on Chauncey( L1->X->O) right? What do you think I'm doing wrong?

    Thanks Again!