Friday, November 4, 2011

Strategy Session 10: Inbounding Plays

What's happening family ?

Today I wanted to bring you some information on calling your out of bounds plays during a time-out. I love the fact that they tried to incorporate this feature but I believe it could use a bit more work to make it more functional.

Out of bounds plays are critical to a teams last second shot success. As such there is no reason why a user can't run these plays in practice to increase their chances of properly executing down the stretch.

A coach should be able to select what plays he wants to run in what situation so that when you select your shooter, inbounder and play your not just as surprised as the defense as to what transpires next.

Enjoy !


  1. Thanks for showing how to effectively use inbound plays

  2. Thanks Czar! It was all in the B button! Hope you can show us some last second alley oop plays next. Best.

  3. @ absolute no problem thanks from dropping in and commenting family.

    @alonso yeah those things are so hard to pull off I will go over a few of them tho not sure I can get a successful ally tho.

  4. Thx Czar! Now I won't be sweatin with an opportunity to take the last second shot