Friday, February 8, 2013

Da_Czar NBA2K13 Play of the Day Horns 1 Part 4

What's happening family ?

It's BIG Czar back again with our fourth and final installment of this Horns 1 Super Set Series.

It has been quite a journey. Today we wrap it up with a hidden twin ball screen option that only shows up if you don't choose one of the previous 4 options.

If any of you have any ideas on how these types of options can be visually represented in the game I am all ears to take that info back to 2K.

If you look at 4 videos as options in a single play I don't think there can be any doubt about the SIMtentions of this feature. However the execution must improve, and improve by a lot for this play system to take this game to a new level.

Here is to hoping that happens in 2K14... If not on the 360 or ps3 then perhaps on the next gen consoles that may launch this year.

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Da_Czar NBA2K13 Play of the Day Horns 1 Part 3

What's happening family ! It's your man the Czar back again with part 3 of our Horns 1 SuperSet offensive series. Thanks for joining us today. As we get into today's video we are reminded that despite the depth that 2K's play-system offers us there is still much work to be done.

The pass to center branch is certainly one of the weakest in this play and I avoid it at all costs. If you do choose to proceed be prepared to use your freelance pick and roll or other quick plays in case the play breaks down prematurely.

All plays break but this branch does so at a highly unacceptable rate. Especially when your making the correct pass at the correct time.

If you notice in the video you can start the dribble branches early by standing at the branch point after you call the play or calling the play from that branch point. It creates a great flow offensively and can be used as a substitution for early offense.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Da_Czar NBA2K13 Play of the Day Horns 1 Part 2

What's happening family welcome back to part 2 of our Horns 1 Super set breakdown. If you missed part one of this series I encourage you to check that out as we will not review much of that information in today's video.

In part one we discussed a backdoor option by Paul that was not a part of the play. So although you could make the pass if open if you did not the play breaks down into freelance offense. In today's video you will notice another backdoor opportunity, but this one is a part of the play. Therefore when the AI makes the decision to go backdoor it does not break the play.

If the PG does not receive the pass he clears out and leaves space for the PF to operate.

This is because there is another pass or do not pass branch point after the pg makes the backdoor cut. If the pass is not available then you Iso and attempt to score with your PF or pass the ball out. While not significant in this play, keep this in mind as there may be other hidden branches nestled throughout your playbooks.

It is apparent that the offense is light years ahead of the defense in 2K. This is an area they will certainly have to shore up moving into 2K14. I plan to focus the majority of my feedback to them on that side of the ball.

We will be back next week as we continue with this series. 

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Da_Czar NBA2K13 Play of the Day Horns 1 Part 1

What's Happening family! It's your man Da_Czar the President of the SimNation. Excited as always to be speaking with you. Today I bring you a Play that Illustrates what I call a Super Set.

A Super Set is a superior offensive set that allows the user and AI multiple options. Think of it as a call once use many offensive set that allows you to create virtually any type of shot opportunity.

One of the issues with a set this large is communicating to the user what the primary branch of the play actually is. In today's video we cover all the options available in the primary branch. It becomes important that you examine each scoring opportunity as it appears.

While some plays are ran to get a specific player in position to score. This super set can be used when you have no number 1 options on the floor. Especially when you don't have a player who commands a double team to create easier shots for your teammates.

This set will allow your "others" to use the movement in the offense to possibly create an open opportunity.

From a defensive perspective it is nearly impossible for one user to stop every option in this play. This is a counter heavy play in most instances with the appropriate branch available to take advantage of cheating or overcompensating defense.

While it may take until the next generation of hoop games to account for every human defensive counter, plays like these go a very long way towards increasing the chess match of counter vs solution many Sim gamers desire.

Be sure to join us next week as we continue this series.

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Right Stick Dribbling... Its NOICE !!!

What's happening family ?

It's your man DaCzar President of the SimNation.

A couple of fantastic articles out today One by the Verge and Polygon Accessible is not a Dirty word and another by @owengood of kotaku Control Freaks Not Needed.

As well as Developer Diary number 1 Available on Operation Sports Youtube page

Twitter is ablaze this morning with all the new info but the question on most minds is how good is the system ?

While I can not answer any questions at this point I can say that 2k's implementation of right stick dribbling is the best President Czar has seen. Mike Wang proves once again that he is undoubtedly one of the best to ever do it.

This is no mere carbon copy previous games attempts at right stick dribbling. Watch the video above and notice the step forward your about to get broke off walk up by B-easy that has never been in a game prior...

The limitation of previous right stick dribbling schemes has been limitation of animations necessary to produce one to one movement. To have a huge animation variety you have to give a bit on responsiveness but to me NBA 2K13 stikes the right balance between what a person can actually do in real life and video game responsiveness as well as incorporating variety in speed and movement.

Obviously a person who has a bigger step in their cross will take more time than someone who has a basic quick cross. Yet, a top flight guard can have a quick cross with lots of movement. So it is the combination of right stick with the huge dribble move library that set's 2k's right stick dribbling mechanic apart.

In the real world you can't decide to change your dribble or intended direction when the ball in between your hand and the floor. This introduces and natural delay that actually adds effectiveness to hesitation and studder step moves.

In a video game however, users want to be able to change their mind at any point and call a game unresponsive, even if the change of direction or dribble they require, would be impossible in a real world scenario.

So while my intent is not to hype the control scheme to be simple and direct I liked it.... I liked it a lot. So much so that playing NBA 2K12 again I suddenly feel a stark lack of control and can finally see what the NBA Live fans have been screaming about at the top of their lungs. I am certain and I should underline this... That some will want even more responsiveness. Until I play something more realistic and more responsive with the same animation variety I am more than ok with where 2K13 stands at this point.

It is without doubt in my mind that this change alone will secure many who just could not get into I somotion. The clunky Isomotion control is gone. Long live the Control Stick.

P.S.  The SHOT STICK is still there family. It is simply a left trigger modifier to shoot. Should take you 3-4 games max to get used to it.

Gearing up for a big year

What happening family ?

I know you been waiting for the Blog to get back cracking and it's time to start greasing the wheels. Have lots of great things planned for this upcoming year. Took the offseason to get some things in order and hopefully you will begin to see the fruits of all that work as we prepare for the Release of this years NBA Games & the 2012-13 NBA Season.

If you read the blog but have not checked out the radio show I will be posting a link of topics here every time we have a show.

Feel free to call in and participate or even leave some comments here on the blog and we will try to incorporate those into the show as well.

 This week we will be discussing the Article by @owengood If NBA Live 13 Doesn't Hit an Oct. 2 Release Date, It's as Good as Failing to Launch.

I will also open up the Barbershop to discuss the Elderly woman bullied by kids on a bus. #THATSNOTSIM

We will discuss with our panel mandatory game-play enhancements for next gen systems.

We will also be visited by one of the best roster makers out there OS'es own Hookupguy and discuss his Olmypic Masterpiece. We will also get into the underhanded practice of roster stealing.

We will also be joined by a few of the NBA2K Teamup program invitee's to get familiar with what they will be looking for.

If all that isn't enough the #SimNations own @Real2KInsider will make his return to the show. #mutecity

And of course we will be talking about the Duhwhight Howard Trade.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Appreciate your support

Hey family this is just a shout out to all of you who continue to support what Da_Czar is doing. Those following for awhile understand there are always lull's in my video and blog production. I am working hard at my day jobs to clear enough time during the Hot and heavy season to bring you more of the content you enjoy.

So I just wanted to throw this up to say thank you to all those who continue to watch the videos and ready the blog. Were still here. Be sure to check the radio show as we bring that about 3-4 times a month. 

We talk about basketball video-games and life and the show has it's own around the horn feel to it with our outstanding panel members who show up from time to time.

If you want your ideas on what you want in the games heard call into the show. Developers from both companies listen so stop hoping they hear you and call in and let your voice be heard. They may not find 1 post in a thousand on a forum but everyone can spend an hour listening to a radio show.

So like Bartles and James... We thank you for your support.