Friday, February 1, 2013

Da_Czar NBA2K13 Play of the Day Horns 1 Part 3

What's happening family ! It's your man the Czar back again with part 3 of our Horns 1 SuperSet offensive series. Thanks for joining us today. As we get into today's video we are reminded that despite the depth that 2K's play-system offers us there is still much work to be done.

The pass to center branch is certainly one of the weakest in this play and I avoid it at all costs. If you do choose to proceed be prepared to use your freelance pick and roll or other quick plays in case the play breaks down prematurely.

All plays break but this branch does so at a highly unacceptable rate. Especially when your making the correct pass at the correct time.

If you notice in the video you can start the dribble branches early by standing at the branch point after you call the play or calling the play from that branch point. It creates a great flow offensively and can be used as a substitution for early offense.

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