Friday, January 25, 2013

Da_Czar NBA2K13 Play of the Day Horns 1 Part 2

What's happening family welcome back to part 2 of our Horns 1 Super set breakdown. If you missed part one of this series I encourage you to check that out as we will not review much of that information in today's video.

In part one we discussed a backdoor option by Paul that was not a part of the play. So although you could make the pass if open if you did not the play breaks down into freelance offense. In today's video you will notice another backdoor opportunity, but this one is a part of the play. Therefore when the AI makes the decision to go backdoor it does not break the play.

If the PG does not receive the pass he clears out and leaves space for the PF to operate.

This is because there is another pass or do not pass branch point after the pg makes the backdoor cut. If the pass is not available then you Iso and attempt to score with your PF or pass the ball out. While not significant in this play, keep this in mind as there may be other hidden branches nestled throughout your playbooks.

It is apparent that the offense is light years ahead of the defense in 2K. This is an area they will certainly have to shore up moving into 2K14. I plan to focus the majority of my feedback to them on that side of the ball.

We will be back next week as we continue with this series. 

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  1. video??????? also. no constant play branching on part 2 of the play. i dribble to the right & i'm looking for the double screen back to the left, but i only get a single screen
    Sam i am

  2. The video for this can be found here:

  3. Thanks Pokerface much appreciate. Brother Sam your timing is off when you initiate that branch. If you wait too long to make that decision you get caught between two different branches. I will get to that soon.