Friday, January 18, 2013

Da_Czar NBA2K13 Play of the Day Horns 1 Part 1

What's Happening family! It's your man Da_Czar the President of the SimNation. Excited as always to be speaking with you. Today I bring you a Play that Illustrates what I call a Super Set.

A Super Set is a superior offensive set that allows the user and AI multiple options. Think of it as a call once use many offensive set that allows you to create virtually any type of shot opportunity.

One of the issues with a set this large is communicating to the user what the primary branch of the play actually is. In today's video we cover all the options available in the primary branch. It becomes important that you examine each scoring opportunity as it appears.

While some plays are ran to get a specific player in position to score. This super set can be used when you have no number 1 options on the floor. Especially when you don't have a player who commands a double team to create easier shots for your teammates.

This set will allow your "others" to use the movement in the offense to possibly create an open opportunity.

From a defensive perspective it is nearly impossible for one user to stop every option in this play. This is a counter heavy play in most instances with the appropriate branch available to take advantage of cheating or overcompensating defense.

While it may take until the next generation of hoop games to account for every human defensive counter, plays like these go a very long way towards increasing the chess match of counter vs solution many Sim gamers desire.

Be sure to join us next week as we continue this series.

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