Monday, December 12, 2011

Fast Model Sports Technology Play of the Day 98 Lakers Beast 5

What's happening family ? Back with our @fastmodel play of the day. Today I take it back to 1998 with the Frobe Bryant and Shaq daddy. This Beast 5 play was staple for the 98 Laker show.

You can see the full Diagrams here.


  1. Coach Czar,

    How can I add this play to my playbook? Also I would like to add some of the triangle offenses from the old bulls team into my offenses....Is this possible?

  2. @2K I just take a team into practice and see which plays work best.

    @Kiyen I had hoped we could add and remove plays from the classic teams after unlocking all of them but it doesn't appear we can. What team do you want to have this play Kiyen ?