Wednesday, December 14, 2011

NBA2K12 Xbox 360 3 MB Update... Patch or no Patch

What's happening family ?

So the story is this. Ronnie 2k and crew say there will be a patch out today. MS usually sends out the updates at 2:00 am PST 5:00 EST. When the PS3 family received their gameplay patch it was 47 MB. The one we received for the X360 is only 3.

WTF is it 2K ? LOL. I mean it's almost comical at this point. Of course in their defense it is still early on the left coast so they are not awake to defend themselves.

Users on OS have gone to war. Some believe they are seeing game-play improvements while others claim placebo. Some have pointed to patch notes like assigning Pippins dunk package and the lowered requirements for triple threat training camp mode as proof the game has in deed been patched.

Some question why with a patch as small as 47 meg would it need to be split up into 2 patches if in fact the 3mb patch is only part 1 of 2.

The million dollar question is why weren't we told there would be a different size patch if that happens to be to case OR that there were in face going to be 2 different patches released for the X360 system ?

Regardless of how this plays out it again illustrates a growing expectation of frustration with how 2K bungles the spread of information to it's most vocal and most supportive user base.

So 3 MB update... Is you is... or is you ain't the big game-play patch for the X360 ?


  1. I'm thinking it has to be the patch. Gameplay did seem a little different, although it might have just been placebo as you said. If there were differences, they were subtle.

    I certainly hope there is a bigger patch to come. I'd hate to find out that this dissapointing 3MB patch is the culmination of all the hard work you put in to this, Czar.

  2. Thanks T Money. I am hoping to see more of the stuff I sent them. I am holding out hope for a final patch or maybe some secret server side tuning on their part : )

  3. hey daczar, thanks for your blog. really appreciate all the effort you are putting into it.

    i just wanted to ask your for help on D. i can´t seem to get the hang of it in 2k12. when i play on ball D, either the AI jukes me out and goes to the rim, they fire a shot in the last second of the shot clock and make the bucket or my teammates forget to guard their man and they score an open bucket.
    it´s really frustrating to guard your man for 23 seconds and still get burned on the reg.

    i never had these problems in 2k11. i used to win some, then loose some games but with 2k12 i have a hard time beating the AI by a larger margin than 2 points, or to win at all.
    i had to bump the difficulty down to pro to even be able to enjoy the game a little bit because on the higher difficulty settings i have to tempt myself, not to smash the controller into the wall ;-)

    it is really sad, since i am looking forward to my NBA fix each year since the NBA live days.

    hope you can help me find the joy again in the 2k series


  4. Sibbe Thanks for supporting the blog !!! What camera angle do you play on ?

  5. I play with the 2K cam 90% of the time