Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Da_Czar's Inside NBA Offense Part 1

What's happening family ? Today I want to bring out a series on Actual NBA offenses. I hope to show more of the reasons plays work at the NBA level. There are many defensive nuances that have not yet made it into video games so Actual games are still the best place to demonstrate offensive effectiveness.

Today's play is one the Miami Heat have started a couple games with this season.

Enjoy !

Also don't forget the SIMNATION radio show kicks off this Friday Jan 6th on Hope to see you there !


  1. I love your work Czar! Keep it coming hearing your diagnosis. Funny story: I was playing one of your vids the other day while my girl was putting the dishes away. Got a text when you were saying and paused when you said "dont play video games" shawty chimed in on song "PLAY BASKETBALL". I was rolling. Good work again man, and gimme some more Knicks plays now that we got Baron!


  2. Hilarious !!! Thanks for sharing. It cracks me up when my kids start singing some of the songs. I ask them who is that and they say it's da czar it da czar it's da czar.... Cracks me up everytime.