Thursday, January 12, 2012

Play of the Day:Den 1 Delay Double

What's happening family ? Back with our play of the day series. This is relatively quick pick and roll play for the Nuggets. Even if the screens do not free you the court is opened up for you to go one on one. Depending on where the help comes from your SF or SG should have a spot up opportunity if your able to get penetration with your PG.

Thanks to your support our first episode of the Simnation radio show reached as high as number 6 in popularity over the past week. We will be back again this Friday @ 7:00 pm. EST To get your thoughts on the state of NBA 2K12 and also find out if your a closet gamer.

Thank you for your support family !!!

Enjoy !


  1. Hey czar love your work man I'm in need of some help understanding player movement basically iso motion I just get lucky sometimes getting around the defense I think you did a vid a while back I'm having trouble finding it I think it's just me not creating enough space before I drive any help would be appreciated

    1. @Cash what happening family. Thanks for dropping by. The main problem I see with Iso motion and people effectiveness is the camera angle. Some camera's don't allow you to see the angles. The second part is actually properly using the shot stick.

      Once you get a inch or two of space the correct shot stick move is necessary to finish the drive. Sometime you wait too long to go into your shot waiting to completely loose the defense.

      Try playing with the beluba cam and see if your 1 on 1 game doesn't improve. Don't worry about chaining moves. Get some space and give a move and then try to go around the D not into him. You want to force him to move laterally and beat him to the spot then shot stick layup or hop step or euro