Thursday, February 23, 2012

What play-types should 2k add to NBA 2K13

IF they play-type assignments do not go away next year what are some play-types you would like to see added or taken away. Any and all thoughts on PLAY TYPE are welcome here. I know there were some issues with Pick and Roll and POP being combined would you prefer having those seperated etc.

It will be most beneficial to me to keep this discussion just on the play-types. Thank you.

So if you have an opinion log in and leave your comments and I will take that feedback back to 2K for their consideration.


  1. Not a fan of "cutter" playtypes since that is something players more or less do instinctively (freelance).

    I haven't used them extensively but they don't strike me as plays with tons of options.

  2. They are limited option wise but without them you don't have a ton of options in set plays for athletes with no jump shot abilities. They didn't want them to be over powerful and in that vein probably nurfed them a bit too much.

  3. I think they should seperate pick n roll from pick n pop . I use the mavs and sometimes instead of dirk popping he rolls hate it.. Love cutter plays tho. U just need to explore different ones..

  4. There should be separate plays for bigs and small players. especially with the post plays, the old plays portland used to post up andre Miller don't work for Aldrige but you automatically get them with the post plays. The same with midrange and 3s, it doesn't make sense for slower bigs to run around screens all over the floor. They just get tired from all the running.

  5. I agree with Redskin about separating plays, and I'd really like user created plays.

  6. I know that you are asking about play types and I don't have any suggestions for those. I'm a sim player who's "got saved" and switched to 2k in 06 with the release of 2k7. I've had one main concern for years for offline play and online play. Since you have an ear to 2k.

    Is there anyway to make fatigue relevant to the point where that if you excessively use turbo, dbl teams, steal button, etc. That it affects the overall stamina of the player being used to the point where they have to be subbed out? Even if this facet would only be reserved for HOF sim players it would satisfy a void in sim basketball. I just want to know that when I get online or play new people that claim they're sim ballers off line I can actually play a game of basketball and not track. A HOF cheeser should never be able to beat a hOF sim player.

    Energy is the number one ingredient to cheesing. The less milk you have the less cheese you have.

    This is my first post ever about this game. I'll try to make this post as well on sleepy tercels suggestions for 2k13 if I can figure out why i can't post.

    I own 3 xboxes and play one game nba2k

    Thanks Czar been a fan for years. Even if you cant pass it along.

  7. Thanks for stopping by Stax. That is at or near the top of my list. I am right there with you in the need for this. Great stuff and thanks for your support.

  8. Da Czar! What's happenin man? I agreed with everything stax said. I would also like it if pick and roll/pop could be seperated. I think the only big flaw play call wise would be how ineffective the inbound plays are. Also, I know it's a bit off subject but instead of the camera option when u press up onthe d-pad, the screen that popped up in last years game that showed you which of your players were heating up or on a cold streak was a million times better and gave you an idea which player to call a play for. Thx again man for everything you do!

  9. I think motion offense should be implemented as an option for certain teams. Like if you don't always want to call a play you can make your team play a motion offense for the entire game instead of just having them stand around in one place.

    Also, as you already pointed out before, it is IMPORTANT that they implement a better way to practice all your plays. I think it was a huge blunder on their part to have hundreds of plays but only have the user be able to practice a small amount of them.

  10. I like all the play types included in NBA 2K12 and wouldn't mind seeing them all back in 2K13. However, like many have already pointed out, it would be better if pick & roll plays are separated from pick & pop plays.

    I also want to add that for 2K13, 2K Sports should give the user the option to make the would-be screen setter do a slip move to the basket after he runs over to the ball handler from a player icon select. As it is now in 2K12, it is only possible for slip moves to the basket by a screen setter to occur on called Quick Pick & Roll plays in which the CPU randomly chooses a big man to run over, but not after a player icon select of that specific guy.

  11. Whats good Da_Czar, I would also like to see the Pick & Roll/Pop separated. The Heating up meter on the D-Pad should be brought back in 2k13 along with CREW. I am still shocked they left CREW out of 2k12! On a side note, has there been any talk about giving the practice session or scrimmage in the My Player mode any value? I would like to at least earn some XP for the practice session or make it performance based that will allow your My Player to work up the depth chart? The way it is currently setup I don't even use it, and I doubt many people do.

  12. I don't run a lot of plays but i call for picks and use the quick plays (which is why i'll never be great at 2K but i have fun and that's what matters) just to get my bigs into the post and i think those work well.

    I love the idea of setting your team to run a motion offence and breaking up the pick and pop and pick and rolls makes sense and i know you've mentioned in your podcast Czar about the camera button on the D-pad being useless. I love what you said about the fatigue and it's a huge problem (especially progressive fatigue ie. the rookie wall, back to backs) but i feel like the speed issue is a bigger flaw.

    There's maybe 3 players in the league that could keep up to Westbrook on the break and Nene isn't one of them. Fast players should have a DIRECT advantage in a straight line. I think Smoove did a good video on it on youtube. If CP3 and Marcus Camby take off at the same time under the basket, i would bet that CP3 would be talking to some girls in the 3rd row by the time Camby lugged his old a$$ up the court.

    Advanced play calling and online modes are lower on my list than these basic gameplay features. This fall will be interesting because i can't afford (in time and money) to buy 2 basketball games so EA will have to wow me to get me to switch. I'm hoping that just the threat of another game out there will get 2K to get there act together. It was pretty funny today that when they created a #additionsto2K13 hastag on twitter it was immediately trending with people telling 2K what's up.

    Anyway, longwinded post. Thanks for the Blog Czar, you're holding it down like always. I still watch your strategy sessions to get ideas. You're real.

  13. Well I for one think groupings are fine. But we should still have the option to just create a group for each player, since otherwise its hard to choose from pages of useless plays when u just want one play from the group. Also a use best play for specific player would be great. Thanks Czar.

  14. DaCzar they should modify or change those quick plays on the right d-pad. INstead of fixating quick plays i.e post play, offscreen etc to the best players to perform those I think they should instead do it like this

    QUICK PLAYS on the right d-pad
    (page 1)
    Curl Play
    (page 2)

    where in clicking the buttons corresponding those plays will perform a random play that uses the base playbook for those called on, and probably picking from the playbook your coaching has.

    This way it'll be helpful than memorizing the full playbook set for every team. Currently Im only familiar with Chicago 2k12 plays and for other teams I only get to memorize 1-2 plays that I use over and over for four quarters. It's not easy memorizing every playset you know :P

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