Monday, April 9, 2012

NBA Live 13: What do you hope to see ?

What's happening family !!!

Just want to shout out all of my supporters. I appreciate all of the support. The radio show has been doing extremely well and I couldn't do that without you. That brings me to today's topic. Nba Live 13.

The advisory council will be heading out tomorrow and we wish them all a safe trip. I have yet to ask you guys what you hope to see or expect for Live 13 ?

Do you think they will present a shot stick solution or keep it all on the buttons ? Are you a fan of the separate dunk button or is it a waste of real estate on an already overcrowded controller ?

Would you like to see classic teams in Live or should they leave that to 2k ?

So hit up the comments and let Czar know what you would like to see or hope to see in Nba Live 13.


  1. I wanna see easier put back dunks like in NBA 06/07....signature moves/shots/dunks for every player.... Not like elite everybody didn't have a form....NBA wired where u can hear the players on the court during breaks like the real NBA does foams...aggressive gameplay rival games where u feel the difference...accidental elbows like that Blake dunk on able to break ankles and have the crowd react to my player but something similar....all star weekend revamped....better ball and rim physics/ A.I....over 400 dunk animations....Jersey colors etc.... The screen shakes during close games in the 4th quarter like NCAA use to have

  2. NBA Live 13 needs to be a simulation game. The gameplay needs to be realistic as possible. NBA All Star Weekend needs to be included also.The ESPN Presentation & authenticity has to be a step ahead of NBA 2K13. Player models need to look more lifelike & photorealistic.Signature animations need to be in the game also.Add injuries, fix post game, Better ball/rim physics, More fluid collisions, more animations.Players, coaches, fans show emotion after winning, losing, game winning shots, fouls, winning championships ,etc. Have the KIA NBA Shootaround Pregame Show, the Toyota Halftime Show, and the Target Postgame Show.Smarter and more realistic A.I, real player tendencies, more crowd reactions. Signature style animations for NBA Players ex. dunks, dribbling styles, shots, celebrations. Remove clipping, iceskating, & canned animations in the game. Have a real-time physics engine in the game. Add footplanting where the players feet are actually touching the floor. Have players sweat during the game & their jerseys get sweaty. Before you begin a game show the players practing on the court in their warm-up attire.

  3. Is there any chance licensed NCAA teams could be included? That doesn't mean extra modes, just the uniforms, and stadiums, and a bunch of random players. Canned animations must be removed. Shooting should not be the complicated stick motion that was proposed two years ago for NBA Live 11. As for the AI, they shouldn't run the clock on every possession, sometimes Carmelo will dribble up and jack a shot, that needs to be worked in. Finally, if they can create a strong passing system that would be a huge pull for me away from 2k. In 2K I'm sick of not being able to make a wide open half-court pass, or throw a crappy lob in post feeds. Good passers should be able to make good crisp passes AROUND defenders.

  4. I'm more of a game play type of guy so:

    1. Realistic body movements/collisions that account for better fouls and, game play.
    2. Smarter and more fair AI.
    3. Player can only do certain shots based off of situation and ratings.

    The is the same for NBA 2K13 also. (Just though I'd say)

  5. Anything that makes it like the last good live game.... Live 06 but with a basic shot stick. More/better plays and play calling, creating plays. Maybe a coach mode (but better than 2k) so I don't have to go crazy memorizing all the controls and just be the coach and GM. Actual negotiation with players' contracts and better trade, sign and draft A.I. (ex. Teams having 5 or 6 power forwards). But in the end it's all about how the game plays.

  6. Here's what I say...(Pink Bunny Zero)

    1) Commish and Admin resets for simmed games...allowing to correct wins or losses or reset games completely...

    2) auto turbo built in similiar to madden

    3) more sets! love them!

    4) being able to play classic team versus against friends

    5) completely flexible schedule that allows you to play games in ANY order on OA

    6) incoming rookies based on current college players not yet drafted for OAs that go more than one season

    7)having different length OA season prorated to specific season length instead of just stretchin any given amount of games over and actual season sked.

    thats it for now, im sure i will think of more later!!!!

    prob not the right place to mention, but i would be honored if you checked out SSBA League News forum posts on and gave some feedback!

  7. NBA Live need to let me do what 2K12 doesn't let me do: By playing basketball and good smart defense and offense i should be able to stay competitive with the CPU on every difficulty. 2K makes me play cheese-ball to win because the CPU doesnt beat you by playing basketball, they beat you by cheese-ball which is the complete opposite of what its supposed to be. Im tired of all this awesome presentation stuff, lets first make sure the core gameplay is realistic, fun for players of ALL levels. Live and 2k need to go back to basics and watch some NBA before they make an NBA game.

  8. What i want besides of all the things being said already is, that u can change how many teams u control in association like it is in 2k. Me and my friend always playing association mode where everyone has his own team, would be sad if we couldn't do that in the new live

  9. I would like to be able to save my setting, plays and change them when I want them to change on line or against computer, I would like to change be able to change sliders during the game like it was last year and all the sliders during the timeouts I would like cpu not to cheese with spin, go through move all day long and call time out just after my one basket when they lead by 50 points :P, I would like design my own offensive play or improve them, I would like to call plays specific for the player so dont need to go through 40 plays for one player, I would like to play against my second team during practice and switch sides whenever I want, I would like to see that I am able to arrange the defence and offence of my first, second team so I can practice against it, I would like 2k camera to have optional view of whole court anytime but mostly to use when ppl double me in the corners playing zone as I am tired of getting ball stolen not seeing where my other players are. I would like closing on shooters be more realistic as sometimes there are under them hoop and then suddenly defender is quicker then the pass and ends up blocking my shot no way, I would like good defenders not to go for cheese fakes, I would like called offence more often when people charge on you using Lebron or Durant,I would like all good rebounders to be able to hold the ball high after rebound so they dont stripped or get pushed around.

  10. what i'd like to see in nba live 13 lebron on the front cover better croud animations im getings tired of hearing screaming fans have more chants as in a player isnt in the game and fans want to see that player then they'll put him in. better game modes maybe call on nba street life i know that may not be and good name for something on nba live but hey some people might like it o and maybe add and shotstick to.