Wednesday, April 25, 2012

World Peace ??? Not so much...

What's happening family ? Okay we have all seen the replay footage of Metta World Peace's vicious and uncalled for elbow smash to James Harden. As an ardent fan of the principals of competition I have to say boo to Ron Ron's reemergence and the disappearance of Metta.

I still stand by my tweet that said you simply do NOT talk trash to a man who thanks his psychologist after winning a world title. If you have been around sports long enough there is no doubt you have played with or against a player like World. They are really and literally Crazy ! It's not an act. They can be peaceful one minute and have the coach in a strangle hold the next. You don't taunt crazy people any more than you tease a chained animal. The reason is obvious... what if the animal get's off his chain ?

 I want to be careful not to infer that one should be ready for dirty play by simply engaging his verbal linguistics. But as my father always told me "Son ALWAYS know who your dealing with !" Thanks to @whitehippo24 I was made aware that Metta's suspension will only allow him to be fined financially for the 1 regular season game.

My original stance was that NBA players care more about playoff games than regular season games. However, since he will only loose money for 1 game I feel a separate financial hit is appropriate given the circumstances. With the size and strength these players possess you don't want players engaging in cheap, revenge shots and catching guys in vulnerable positions with the possibility of serious injury.

That said if I was on the Thunder there is no way I allow a teammate to be hurt in that manner and "allow" my teammates to hold me back. If you a bench guy who doesn't play much, it is your responsibility to leave the bench and tackle Ron Ron World Elbow to the ground and commence to beat some sense into him. LOL !!!

I realize that may not be a popular opinion but that is just the way I roll. Your not going to cheap shot a valuable member of my team and get away with a fine. Oh HELL NAW !!! Can you imagine what the 90's Knick's would have done if someone Hit Starks like that ??? That is exactly why no one did it ! Hell... They ain't crazy. LOL !

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