Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fast Breaks are BACK !!!

What up Family ?

I know a lot of you have been concerned with the fastbreaks in 2k for a couple of years now. Simply put 2k12 MIGHT have the best fast breaks in the series. I will have to wait until I get home and check out some of the runner ups.

You willl see 3-2's and 2-1 fastbreaks. You will see them hit the trailer for 3's. You will see a player ( not always the 4) running down the middle of the floor ahead of everyone. You will see some 3 point shooters spot up and others go to the basket. Only time will tell if the right players are always doing the right things.

AI will even push when numbers are even depending on the ballhandler. I witnessed one cpu team get 16 fb points at halftime of one game. That is obviously a high and other times I have seen both teams have between 6-12 for a half.

Overall very very good logic and implementation especially in comparison with 2k11.


Don't play videogames... Play Basketball !!!

PS. There are games where if you control your turnovers and depending on whose playing there are only 2-4 fastbreaks points at the half so it varies. Turnovers are death. Also if your too aggressive going to the Offensive boards some teams will make you pay.


  1. Great news, and a little sad...I was just playing 2k11 and Dwight HOward would stop at the three point line. GLad its gone...upset I have to wait 3 weeks or so...THank you Mom and pops stores!!!

  2. Great news Czar! i love dre to death, but if iguodala stopped at the 3pt line on a break one more time I was gonna bench him.

  3. Speechless... In light of all the additions 2K has made this year, all this gameplay perfection will = me having no life.

  4. Wow, 2K seem to have really hit the nail on the head this year.
    I thought after 2K11 not much would change (which isn't so bad btw) but just WOW.

    P.S. - regarding the offensive rebounds- are there more this year? in 2K11 more than 15 in a game were a rarity and 6-9 the norm. way to few.

    Once again Czar, thanks for doing this, you truly are "El Presidente" of SIM nation!

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  6. 2k Sim Nation...... LEGGO !!!! Oct.4

    Thanks once again Big Homie for all the useful info.

  7. @Toaster O rebs are definitely better. I am only playing half's mostly while I capture so Not many full games to judge from but there are noticeably more O rebs depending on what teams are playing and who is on the floor.

    @eko I am certain there will be some stuff that still grates our nerves but what they added is exactly what the game needed. It just needs more.

  8. is what we will probably be saying man this is great if they could have only insert gripe here.

  9. Sweet, this should give guys like Reggie Evans, Noah, Z-Bo and Love their added value.

  10. Thats that "Gud Newz" I like to hear! Best believe I'll be running hard with those '87 Lakers, which means FB's MUST BE ON POINT. Sorry 4 the CAPS. It just that serious lol. Any insight on that?

  11. Great to know that. It seems like teams individuality is getting more obvious. I like that.

    Fast break should be a thing of beauty. Way to go.

  12. I'm not sure if you're at liberty to divulge this information, but is it possible that the reason we haven't seen too much gameplay the same reason there haven't been any commercials? (Lockout related?)