Saturday, September 10, 2011

Inevitability Part 2

This is a continuation of my last blog entry on Inevitability. If you have not read that, today's entry may not make much sense. You can check out part one here.

We already covered what happens if the 2 decides to run off the single screen ( set by the 1) of this Celtics 13 entry.

Today we will see what happens if the 2 (sg Ray Allen) decides to run off the double screen set by the  5(c) and the 4(pf).
To have one of the most dangerous catch and shoot players in the history coming off a double screen is always a tasty option. If Ray Allen ( the 2 in the diagram) is open you hit him with the pass. There is a high probability however that the defense will assume Ray is the primary scorer for this play and try to switch out or fight through the screen to make it a difficult pass.

The truth is Ray is merely a decoy. As you see here the 1 will clear out to the corner and leave Paul Pierce ( 3 man in diagram) with plenty of space to operate only 16 -18 feet from the basket.

Those watching carefully will notice we received no roll/ fade protection for Ray as he is running his man off the double screens. This is because the more the defense fights to keep the ball away from Ray. The more open the isolation opportunity for Pierce.
Let's recap our options to this point in the play. We had a rub opportunity for the pg very early in the play. We have 2 options for getting Ray Allen open jumpers off screens. We have an Isolation for Paul Pierce at the top of the key.  Then, finally , we have a 1-4 Pick and Pop for Garnett and Rondo. 

Next let's look at when happens if we choose to the dribble entry to start the play.  As the 1 dribble's right at the 3 man. The 2 dives into the paint and get's his head under the rim (just like before).

Once again the 2 has a decision as to which way he wants to run off the available screens.

If he decided to run off the single screen set by the 3 ( Paul Pierce). Then immediately after he clears the screen the 3 will run off the double screen set by the 5 and the 4. The 5 and the 4 will again initiate a double post movement after setting the double screen.

The dribble entry can imply more pressure on the defense with this floppy screen action because you now have 2 legitimate jump shooters coming off of the screens; with Allen at the 2 and Pierce at the 3.  The defender will have to pick one to deny as he can't manually guard both players.

Because of the personnel in this play neither pass option has a pick and roll attached like it did on the pass entry version. Please refer to this step in Inevitability part 1 ( if your confused). 

If the 2 (Ray Allen) decides to run off the double screen set by the 4 and the 5. This opens up a new option for the play. As the 2 runs off the double screen we want to draw the attention of the defense, so look for a quick roll by the 5 and a fade by the 4 after their respective screens.

Once again we should have an opportunity(option) to spoon feed Ray an open 3.

However, Ray is again, a pawn in this play. The real scoring option is the 3 (Paul Pierce ) As he should now have prime post position after setting up for the possible screen on the 2.

Now in addition to the other scoring options we mentioned earlier we add two more for Pierce. One coming off a double screen where he is a secondary option. And another, with him in prime post position using Ray Allen as a decoy.

One play... Many options.

Hopefully you can start to see that simply knowing or recognizing a play set is only half the battle. The defense should still have to work and stay balanced in their defensive attack or risk giving up a quality shot elsewhere.

I am not trying to tell you this is the end all be all of play systems. There will undoubtedly be some issues. However, there can be no doubt about the depth and authenticity of what 2k is bringing to the table this year. This is just one single play for the Celtics. At my last count the C's had just under 40 plays in their default playbook.

Good luck stopping someone who knows them all.

With warmest swishes,

The Prez !


  1. Seeing how dynamic the offensive play-system is this year, it appears like the offense may be quite very difficult to contain, which is excellent if there's a balance. I've heard you mention a few things about the defense such as improved AI and rotations, but in what specific areas has the defense become more realistic that would lend to balance between offense and defense? In your assessment does the fluidity of 2K12 in any way improve on the ball defensive control? Do you feel that zone defense is more realistic/more of a factor in this game? I enjoyed the illustration of how the elimination of the out of bounds force-field can lend to different defensive traps... Do you plan on going in depth with defensive schemes to demonstrate how to counter the dynamic offensive weapons as displayed above? Peace...

  2. @Eko I think of it in terms of the offense finally gaining equal footing with the defense. That is why these options are necessary. If the defense is poor then you never need an option.

    The original play as designed will be good enough to handle that situation. The offense needed to evolve because it actually started to hinder the user once the defense knew the play.

    If your playing great defense you force the offense away from their primary option.

    Doc Rivers has one of the hardest offenses to stop to me because he is constantly making you choose from 2 or 3 bad outcomes. LOL

    If the have the proper offensive personnel and the right playbook to compliment them you will always have a counter for what the defense is doing. That hasn't been the case in past games but may be closer than before with 2k12.

    Thus the saying great offense always beats great defense. On defense the schemes you draw up should force the offense to be great on every single possession.

    Once I have the game we can definitely get into some team specific defensive schemes and whatnot.

    like 2k10 to 2k11 control on all fronts has been improved. It's going to be up to each individual gamer to decide if that gives them the control they need. It is better though.

  3. I dig it. I'm very glad and excited to hear about the offensive enhancements. Not too concerned that it might be overpowered, was just curious to know if the defense received the same overhaul as the offense; especially zone defense, which felt broken to me in 2K11.

    From all we've heard regarding playcalling, it seems that we will have a more cerebral and realistic brand of basketball this year. Would be ill to see your breakdown of some of the more complex defensive schemes ie: Boston, Dallas, etc.

  4. Good Stuff. Now it is inevitable that I take a 2K holiday now. I will be the first to admit that I have been watching the NBA/College since the Early '70's and I just realized that I was only surface cleaning when it came to offensive concepts. Thanks for the education on "Branching" and its awesome dynamic reads. The concepts reminds me of an intune QB and WR corps, and I never thought of Baskeball on a complex level. I have always watched the game for its Mano e Mano moments.

    My 2K holiday will be spent in the playbook looking and learning watching how a Defense under/over play certain players.

    Question at what camera angle can you really see this stuff. I figuring Broadcast will be though, but the Drive Cam, is ideal.

  5. @Gluv65,
    the 2k camera angle is the best in my opinion for running plays and watching every option all in one view.

  6. This sounds like my desire to have off ball defenders punished for having bad fundamentals on defense might actually be a reality. Many in the sim community think that switching to the screen defender to jump the pass is sim defense ... In real life such a move is an invitation to be backdoor dunked on and subbed out lol.... Hope that is what 2k has in mind. Then the boards will light up saying it's cheese that a player keeps dunking on them. Lol 2k can't win. Great read czar

  7. @ rdubb33,

    and that the truth about the complainers crying cheese when the sim gets to rough for them. lol x 1000. but if you ran that play on me. i would counter with my bigman watch for that lob also. this would then leave the other side of the court from mid range at out WIDE OPEN. but hey, you have to pick your poison. thats real SIM hoop. i can live with that. you make me think and adjust. i adjust. then make you rethink your initial thought. until one of us gets caught slipping.

    my old girlfriend from college days ask me "why do you guys play basketball video games so much? you guys are grown men playing games"(as she starts to laugh). i said well, do you ever see those movies with old men playing chess in the park in New York? well thats exactly what this is. This is our new Chess. my generation was blessed with video games when we were little kids. not chess pieces and nothing else. so this is our NEW chess. watch the strategy unfold. she then goes "OHHHHHHHHHH."