Thursday, September 29, 2011

LA Lakers Play of the Day

What good family ?

Today we bring you the Lakers for our play of the day. While we do not yet know what exact offense the Lakers will run. No offense shows off the nested branching and persistent offensive options in NBA 2K12 like the Triangle Offense. So sit back relax and enjoy !

Here is the youtube link.


  1. Great stuff as usual Czar.

    I can't see Lakers head coach Mike Brown deciding to ditch the entire Triangle offense. Despite Kobe's showcase of excellence in the system over the years, I firmly believe that offense is most effective when the basketball goes in and out through the low post and mid-post areas of a multidimensional big man who is a scoring threat and also has decent/good passing skills. So what I expect to see under coach Brown is a semblance of that system ran whenever a play option is designed to get Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum (to a far lesser extent) in those low post spots.

    For a few examples, the Triangle is ran through Gasol if he's is on the floor while Kobe is playing a complimentary role or taking a breather on the bench. Meanwhile, a stripped down version of the Triangle is ran during the rare instances when the ball goes to Bynum in the low post.

    Of course Kobe has proven time and again that he can burn defenses through the mid-post. But he's is more restricted in the number of ways in which he can do so. During the numerous situation when it's Kobe's time to get the basketball, I expect he will more often than not be in an Isolation situation as opposed to running anything out of the Triangle. Who knows... maybe the Lakers run more high Pick & Roll plays now with Kobe and Gasol/Bynum from time to time as well.

  2. Mike Brown's offense with the Cavaliers was fairly similar to the triangle. Get it to Lebron in similar spots and let him create for himself and the team, flanking him with shooters on the perimeter

    He will also go to his Spurs playbook for Gasol/Bynum ala the Duncan/Robinson years, which should result in fewer touches for Kobe but HOPEFULLY much improved shooting efficiency as Kobe lead the league in USG% but really doesn't have the ability to carry a team by himself anymore.

  3. Good stuff about coach Mike Brown's Spurs background Rashidi. I completely forgot about the time Brown spent with Gregg Popovich and company over there in San Antonio before becoming head coach of the Cavaliers. I'm sure he can draw over some things coach Popovich ran which mainly featured efficient inside-outside play that showcases crisp ball movement between a dominant low post player and good/great 3-point shooters.

    And I wouldn't put too much stock into Kobe's USG% because oftentimes he was forced to take a lot of contested shots with the shot clock running down which would hurt anyone's shooting percentages. That's the price Kobe has had to pay for being his team's #1 scoring option and pretty much the only guy on his team who can create a shot to get off on his own.