Monday, October 3, 2011

Washington Wizards Play of the Day

It's almost that time. Czar brings you the Washington Wizards play of the day to kill the last hour of waiting for your 2K holiday to begin.

Today we show you how big of an effect relatively small changes can have on play execution and effectiveness.

One other thing to notice is that the screeners in 2k12 will adjust to the defenders location. So if you call the play and are slightly to the left or right of the mark the screeners will come to the defender. Sometimes this will cause the playart to only show you that you can run off one of the screens but both options are still there. ( This will make sense when you watch the video)


  1. Did you just hit a three with Blatche? Oh dear.

  2. Rashidi my man is that ALL you got out of the video ? I didn't shoot 10-10 with him. LOL

  3. Nice footage shown of the Wizards here. That ballclub runs a ton of high pick & roll sets in real life -- as they should when they're executed with such an explosive ballhandling guard as John Wall. However, I imagine the Wizerds also have enough versatile players around Wall to run a vast number of other things in their halfcourt offense.

    For me, it'll be interesting to find out how effective that team's Pick & Pop set involving John Wall and Rashard Lewis are. Lewis has a deadly spot-up jumper from midrange and from behind the arc, plus he can put the ball on the floor and drive by slow-footed defenders along with defenders who close out on him too aggressively on rotation.

    Also, pick & rolls involving Wall and JaVale McGee would be intriguing as well, but I would anticipate opposing defenses to trap wall from jump street almost 100% of the time in that situation. To counter that tactic I wonder if an alleyoop pass from Wall up top to McGee can be tossed near the basket just before the trap on him comes. I'll find that out soon enough!

  4. Kruza great input as always. I too am interested to see the differences between CPU defensive schemes and if it has matured to the point of having different ways to stop different types of players

  5. @ Rashidi

    i've seen blatche before he blew up in the nba. playing in a long beach, ca summer league. he was killing everyone with his perimeter game. he shot and hit a 3 or two also. very versatile guy. not saying he can reallllly shoot the 3 ball. just saying he's versatile enough to pop one on you.

  6. @ kruza
    i agree with you and Czar on that defensive question. now if you were to run a pick n roll with wall and J.mchgee. i wouldnt trap wall at all. i would go behind the screen and my big would also drop back. i dare JDub to hit that jumper consistently. show me the jumper young wall. i dont believe you. there would be no lobs this game. lol.

  7. sometimes i hate being a grown man. grown man=gotta pay bills=gotta go to work= cant play 2k12 until after work. i'll see yall on xbox 360 later tonight. gtag:postandpivot

    i also have friday off. so i'll be on all day friday.

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  9. So kingpnp you're giving Wall the Rondo treatment in that pick & roll situation, huh? Heh, I can't be mad at that because I would likely do the same.

    Doing that would force Wall to have to let McGee dive to the hoop, then move out of the lane to get his man out of the way. Now Wall would have to make a play on his own Isolation-style while the shot clock is winding down. Then there would be a recurring problem of having too much one-on-one play going on with no one else getting involved. You know... the same problem the 2010-2011 Wizards had, lol!