Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Strategy Session 7: On Ball Defense

What's happening family ?

Were back with our defense series and today we talk about on ball defense. There are too many tips to fit into an 8 minute video so today we break down the basics. These tips will make you a much better on ball defender.

One of the biggest things you need to do is NOT overreact to the offense. One overreaction leads to another and then the momentum system kicks in and your unable to get to exactly where you want to be.

When playing human opponents they almost always want to get closer to the basket. This works in your favor, as you train yourself to meet them at the cutoff point. They are bound not to capitalize on your first mistake by trying to get all the way to the rim. But not overreacting you can meet them on their way and get a great shot contest. You can see an example of this at the end of the video @ 7:15 I don't overreact and meet him for the contest.

Enjoy !


  1. Nice Video, I just started using the L2 + R2 on ball defense to stay with Russell Westbrook. Im playing the Thunder in the 1st round of the playoffs of my rookie year. This helps you stop the quicker players from getting around you, and it helps you move under or above the screens quickly.

  2. @johnb512 Thanks for dropping by John your right it certainly helps guarding those quicker guys especially when you have a mismatch otherwise it would be impossible to stay in front of some of these guys with say... nash LOL

  3. amazing both your video and this game, thanks for letting people understand how good this game is.. I hope that 2K Sports will somehow understand also the importance of online gaming, that's my biggest disappointment this year more than the others :(

  4. @Goat your 100% correct. Know that I am delivering that message about online directly to them... uncut whenever I get the chance.

  5. @ everyone,
    if you want to slip thru screens better. raise your hands and go thru the screen. that way you wont get the same screen animation that forces you to get picked then have to go around the screen. its realistic because its the equivalent of you walking inbetween two tightly parked cars and you step sideways with both hands up and your stomach sucked in to make it thru. lol

    and remember dont HOLD the R2, just tap it to stay in front of the quicky guys. and the beauty of most quickies, is that these guys are not big time shooters(on 2k they are a bit). but even in 2k their tendency is to DRIVE. so you can go under the screen a lot.

  6. Fam, a little unrelated but I've been trying to do Dream Shake, with double shimmy then up and under and it looks absolutely nothing like the dream shake on the trailer or the other promo videos; I thought it was suposed to look like that, the whole move

    could you put together a short video sometime showing us how to do the dream shake, and other fancy, signature moves/passes ? I imagine it wouldnt take long and could be done in practice mode.

    Thanks fam

  7. and after watching the vid. no one can tell me that this game couldnt be used to teach people how to play the game of basketball. defense and offense.

    in addition, this vid makes me mis crew mode even more. i could've put a serious hurt on someone defensively speaking. i was already a lockdown king in 2k11 crew mode, with no cheese/exploits necessary. but with all these new tools. i probably would've made a few guys quit. shot clock after shot clock violation.

  8. I wanted to say a big thank. It's been 2 years since I discovered your videos which greatly helped me to improve my "game".
    And this video really help me to defend. The LR-RT thing is just great and works really fine if don't stick the ballhandler too close.
    The intersection thing is also great.
    I just have now to digest all of this and try to do it in game. Gonna take days as usual with your videos.

    Just keep posting your videos, it's just awesome. Thanks again, and greetings from france

  9. @laimbir thanks for dropping by. Posts like your keep me going !! Glad to be of service !

  10. Hey Daczar, are you gonna talk aobut The New Quick Pad Offensive Strategies and Defensive Strategies??? LIke On defense "Focus On Stars, Or Pressure Shooters, lock down paint"??? Explaining What they will do on defensive denying the ball or pressure jump shooters but give up the lanes..
    As well as Spacing the floor on offense, what are the advatanges and disadvantages, being that its a new feature..

  11. @DBZGuru Yes I want to talk about those but there are some changes that might be made in the settings that those settings effect so I am trying to wait until the patch to see if that get's worked out.