Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Strategy Session 2: Pick and Roll Control

What's happening family ?

I saw a few of the family was having some trouble executing the pick and roll controls in NBA2K12. I thought it made perfect fodder for our next strategy session. Today I will review the basics of the pick and roll controls.

Pick and Roll is the basic staple of the game of basketball. In it the entire philosophy of the game can be surmised and expanded upon. The push and pull of the defense... The offense reading and reacting... strategy, match-ups, and execution OH MY. LOL



  1. Good stuff Czar. I haven't gotten NBA 2K12 yet, but I was wondering how slip screens were called in the game. Now I know.

  2. Thanks, Czar. Great stuff. Will you be doing any videos on like shot stick moves, isomotion moves and low post play and thing likes that? Those have been really helpful in the past. Thanks again for all your stuff!

  3. timbofry thanks for dropping in. I will do something on those but not an exhaustive these are all the moves since 2k already did their trailer.

    I will be more concerned with theory and implementation. To help people get better and find their rythm with the post game.

  4. That was dope you know you got skillz!!