Thursday, October 13, 2011

Strategy Session 6: Fundamentals of Contesting the Shot

What's happening family. Hope you are enjoying the series so far. Today we dive into the the fundamentals of contesting the shot in NBA 2K12. Some things to keep in mind as your watching is that there are numerous other elements that can contribute to the offense making or missing shots, including hot and cold streaks.

With that in mind let's jump right into Volume 6: Fundamental of Contesting the shot.


  1. Great Professional presentation. I knew u would come thru. So will the next video be on on-ball defense?

  2. @colesioe yes on ball defense is next

  3. Excellent videos as always DA Czar, I really appreciate the work you put in every year. I'm finding this years NBA 2K a very deep and rich experience in so many areas compared to last years offering. I went through and did the new training camp mode and picked up a lot of valuable skills from there that (along with your posts) are helping me with this years game.

  4. Great breakdown as usual Czar. What are your thoughts on the auto contest for the hands up?

    What I'd like to know is how are we supposed to solidly contest a shot and not have our defender putting himself out of position on a pump fake?

    Am I out of line saying 2k dropped the ball on that one?

  5. Great vid Czar...your the man!!! School these kids on properly contesting shots and playing defense. Like you said you can still contest and the shot will go in,thats just basketball fam. Love the site keep up the good work fam. SIM NATION

  6. @Alan I think you are spot on. I had a serious debate with them up there about if we have defensive assist OFF then I don't want ANY help.

    I am talking with them now about this hopefully we get it sorted out in time for one of the gameplay patches.

  7. @Syphon Thank you... Glad to be able to help. There are plenty of folks to point out what the game does poorly I am just trying to help those who are trying to understand and enjoy the game do so.

    I think when you understand the systems a bit better it helps the game make a lot more sense. Things don't seem as random.

    Thanks for stopping by and to everyone who watches THANK YOU !

  8. @Williekronka Many thanks. I LOL at the screen name too. Love it ! Appreciate your support !

  9. I see you coocras. Thanks for posting Homie !

  10. @Da Czar

    i wish the Defensive assist was turned completely off(not just in the menu but for real) the moment you change your settings to default or SIMulation. if you want cpu help. go to the non sim level.

    i dont bowl with the bumpers if you know what i mean. i ride my bike withoutthe training wheels. "i'm a big kid now.."

    but if we could just get 2k to patch up the BIgmen and perimeter guys that have the ability to post up.
    they have to fix it where guys like boobie gibson cant be blocking bynum left and right. its silly. blocking him with his arms, chest, etc, lol. just because a big is in traffic to an extent. doesnt mean he should blow layups right at the rim. if the traffic is under the goal. and said Big is next to the goal using the glass. that should probably go in 60% of the time. some defender has to get himself between you and the goal in order to put real pressure on a close layup or shot off the glass.

    its like the post system and true low post bigs are going to waste on this game as is, due to the blown layups for no GOOD reason, and the silly blocks/tip steals from guys that are even smaller and not that athletic.

    it forces everyone to play with jumpshooting bigs to be successful.

  11. Hey Czar.

    At 3:16 you say that was a turbo animation contest but it's important to note that Dirk did not make a perfect release, so I think that altered the results of that shot

    Or are all contests of that nature automatic bad timing?

  12. @yermolay yes I missed that somehow. If you watched Strategy Session 5 it explains how a non perfect release can effect the shot percentages. So that F was a result of the combination of my contest and his missing the release. Apologies to all for missing that. Was A LOOOONG capture session and I missed the shot release ! Thanks for pointing that out.

  13. Fam, I've been trying to do Dream Shake, with double shimmy then up and under and it looks absolutely nothing like the dream shake on the trailer or the other promo videos; I thought it was suposed to look like that, the whole move

    could you put together a short video sometime showing us how to do the dream shake, and other fancy, signature moves/passes ? I imagine it wouldnt take long and could be done in practice mode.

    Thanks fam