Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Strategy Session 5: Understanding Shot Indicators

What's happening family ? This is a continuation of Strategy Session 4 and the last primer for our defensive segment's. Understanding the basics of 2k's shot system are a must if were really going to understand how to play good defense. You have to know what a good shot is before you can learn to take it away.

Enjoy !


  1. miss 20 straight shots lol......Jason gotta be mad if he sees this.

    After seeing this video, there is one question coming out of mind that I would like to ask 2K. What is the effective range for contesting the shot, that is the question I think most of the 2K fans trying to know but haven't got the clear answer yet over years.

    Sometimes, like in 2k11, the contest coming from behind seems ineffective although it looks overwhelming. What about this year?

  2. Good question.I will answer that in the next video

  3. @Da Czar

    good vid sir. i knew about the grades and the releases. but i never knew it was that cold to a brotha when you're in a blue spot. so 2k has it setup so you are FORCED to play like the real life player. shoot from the same spots he shoots from. if you like to be successful that is.

    but now even though i love that. its a gift and a curse.

    lets say i'm playing with lamar odom. in 2008 to 09 season. that LO couldnt shoot 3's really, but the new and improved LO can.

    it would be nice where if i could play in ranked matches online or in associations, my player etc. where i could Turn my blue spots into gray spots, then possibly into red. it could also be possible to turn my red into grey and my grey into blue.

    meaning have a system where it learns the USER. if i keep perfect releasing shots with good balance in cold areas. eventually they should start to go in more and more and more. now if i start missing shots in hot areas, those areas should start to become cold areas.

    its the hot and cold streak. but not based purely on short streaks during one game. but based on how you play over a period of time with each guy.

    if i play with the lakers alot online. i could call you czar and tell you " MY Kobe can hit that shot from the left side. but i bet yours cant."

    that would be a lovely addition if you asked me.

  4. @kingpnp that my kobe can hit that shot would be pretty noice !

  5. @Da Czar

    truth is Czar this is why i was giving Elite 11 so many props on their THEORIES. i knew if the gamers would just let this bad addition slide as a beta version. and pick it up late used or something. it would've been better for 2k lovers as well. these developers are more and more using the same techniques to tighten up on someone elses results. its like kingpnp made it first, but Da Czar came back and remixed that baby where its 10 times better. but without the foundation of kingpnp's original design. there would be no remixed version.

    jumpshooting is based on two things. release point and AIM. but in 2k games and even in EA games pre Elite 11. it was always based on one thing and one thing only. Release point. hold and release, cock and squeeze. thats it.

    what happen to the AIM, cock and squeeze? thats what ELITE put in. it made it HARRRRRRD to shoot the same way from the same spot. UNLESSSSSSS, you actually went to the gym with your guy and shot 10 or so shots. i know this because i did it with the demo.

    i got frustrated put the demo down was about to hit delete. then i was like wait a second. if its realistic, then like real hoop eventually my fingers, and my mind will eventually catchup to any kind of repetition. low and behold. i took 10 shots from the baseline 5 feet out, did the same 15 feet, the same 18ft, and from 3 in the corner.

    then just randomly pulled up from one of those spots. now my shot start going in with consistency. the next step would've been doing the same drills with a hand in my face.

    the difficulty came in because you not only had to pay attention to your release point but now you had to AIM the right analog. the beauty of that was if you go slight left, because you are a right hander shooting on the right side of the court at an angle. and visually it looks like you need to push it more to the left. but in reality jj redick knows thats not true. but you dont. so you will miss on the game like you mis in real life, slightly off to the left.

    now a defender running at you not only means your shot grade drops. but it means YOU the shooter will start feeling the pressure of a shooter in a real game. because you visually see a guy coming to swat it. so you move the analog slight to the right. slight rim out.

    this is where i believe 2k and any hoop game needs to be going in the future.

  6. starting at about the 3:30 mark, I saw Caron rebounding for Dirk. Was there someone else in the room with you with another controller rebounding for you? Or did you make the computer rebound for you? If you got the computer to rebound for you please tell me how you got it to do that. Because that would make practicing shots in practice mode alot easier. Thanks.