Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Detroit Pistions Play of the Day: Det Quick Offscreen

What's happening family ? Today I am happy to bring you a new play of the day from the Detroit Pistons Playbook called Det Quick Offscreen. This play utilizes an "if not open... then option" that can really open up the offensive side of the basketball. It also enable the AI to have options and be a bit less predictable.

If you are mainly a freestyle player learn one play and use it once or twice a qtr for a few games. Once you do that you know it down cold. Then introduce another play the same way. Before you know it your arsenal of offensive play options will be larger than you once imagined. Nothing helps like getting in practice or scrimmage mode.

In scrimmage there is no shot clock so you can run the same play over and over and over to learn the available options.

Enjoy !


  1. Alright. I finally get to see the Stones showcased on Sim Citi Sports Network. Good lookin' out Czar!

    I imagine this "Quick Offscreen" play can be ran for Ben Gordon at the 2 with the same type of effectiveness even though Ben's shot release isn't as quick as Rip's. But if that isn't the case, Ben can hesitate on the catch for a second to get his defender to close out on him, then dribble into the lane as his defender rides his hip to try and draw a cheap foul. And if no foul is committed here, that patented one-hand runner that Ben likes to shoot over traffic in the lane with is cash money.

  2. Yeah Kruza it works just as well for Ben and as you described the defense is in trouble trying to close out on him after the catch.