Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Strategy Session 4: Shooting Slider Adjustments

What's happening family ?

I get asked all time what are good shooting sliders to use. The correct answer is that it depends. This video will show you why that is not a cop out answer. Enjoy.


  1. czar what difficulty do you play on? because i play hall of fame sim. but the computer makes any and every shot. thoughts?

  2. Da_Czar would love to get you sim setting for allstar sime mid and 3 cpu and human ?

  3. @2k12hooper,

    i have to tell guys this all the time. but they wont listen. lol. people that are hell bent on using hall of fame dont get it. the idea of hall of fame is not for those trying to get a REAL SIM game. its just not. the truth is. is for people do one of two things reallllly well. either run plays like crazy and know how to really pick the cpu apart via plays. OR 2. cheesers/exploit abusers. for example. if you know there's a certain spot on the floor where steve nash makes 99% of his shots and its not from the ft line. then you're abusing an exploit in the game.

    if you hop step every single play down, or euro step every play down. and you've noticed the cpu isnt reacting realistically so it gives you an extra advantage.... then you're abusing an exploit. so Hall of fame is made so you can abuse your exploits but now the cpu is doing the same. never missing, off of the charts boston style defense even when its the wizards, etc.

    its to keep an exploit abuser into the game, and to give him/her a challenge. the challenge is not SIM related once you have to crank it up to Hall of fame based on the #2 scenario i showed above.
    and believe me. MOST of the HOF guys, are exploit abusers, even if they dont even know it.

    the way the game is setup now. you can sit on pro and adjust the sliders accordingly. now i've heard mixed reviews on certain sliders having zero affect to little affect. not sure if thats true or not. but hopefully it isnt. and if it isnt. just find the proper sliders on pro.

    the pro level cpu makes so many 3's with any and everyone its unreal. so any level above that. they actually probably wont miss at all , LOL.

    the idea of hall of fame being a "SIM" mans level is a farce. it goes way way back, we're talking old nba live games playing on allstar vs whatever the easy default level it was always set to. 2ksports default level is not EASY, if you work your sliders properlly. truth is, once you touch the sliders. the levels dont mean a whole lot. work the sliders folks. not the levels.

    now if you're just a #1, super play running guru, coach pjax, coach greg pop type of guy. well then, i guess its time to work the sliders and go up a level until you get it right. but most people are not #1 types. and its like a big thing "i play on HOF and nothing else" they say the same thing when playing madden. and i'm like, reallly. i've seen you play madden. and you abuse exploit after exploit. so of course if you choose to not PLAY football. you will have to resort to level upping in order to give yourself a fake challenge.

    you want the challenge to as realistic as possible. truth is, on any given night any nba team could beat their opponent. thats what you want out of the game. the ability to POSSIBLY LOSE to any team you play. so it makes you work for the win. SLIDERS are your friends.

  4. @coolcras What up fam. My point in the video is that it is going to vary depending on how good you are individually.

    I use sim settings and changed the 3PT and midrange to 47 for both me and the cpu.

  5. @2K12hooper. I play on All-star for now. HOF has a very very very slim margin for error and any mistakes are punished severely. It is def not more sim but some people are so good that is the only level that challenges them.

    I like to identify what the problem is and then use sliders the lest bit necessary to correct that. I you may try coming down a level and if your scoring to easy adjust your shooting sliders or if your stopping he cpu too much up theirs until you feel you have a good balance.

  6. Da Czar,can you please describe the difference between Pro and All-star. I have been playing both back and forth trying to find the most sim level for me, but they have their pros and cons. Please shed light on this, if you will. Thanks.