Monday, October 31, 2011

Fast Model Sports Technology Play of the Day Det 52 Chin Roll

What's happening family. Today @fastmodel released another Play of the day Featuring Da_Czar. You can check out the diagram and video here on their site. 

Todays play is from the Detroit Pistons called the Chin 52 Roll. This is a great set for the Stones when you put Charlie V at the 4 and have a shooter at the 3. This stretches the defense and leaves shooters at the most probable help points.

Enjoy !


  1. Da Czar - I have a question using coach mode. Meaning I play the role as the coach and do not control players. When I pull up my plays, just like previous versions, only 4 plays come up. I do not have the option of hitting L1, PS3, to have the players individual plays show like on your playbook training video. Am I doing something wrong?

  2. @Derek You are not doing anything wrong. I reported this to 2k a couple of weeks ago and am hoping a fix is made in time for the patch.

    In coach only mode there isn't currently a way to call plays which of course completely disrupts the main point of coaching mode. : (