Friday, October 7, 2011

Strategy Session 3: Playbook Essentials

What's happening family ? There is so much I want to get to and only so much time. That said I see that some of the family are struggling understanding the new play call system.

With much power comes much responsibility and to whom much is given much is expected, are two sayings that come to my mind; when I consider the play-calling system in NBA 2K12.

Many were frustrated last year by the fact that the cpu only ran the same 4 plays for it's star players. Others were even more frustrated with the inability of 2k to keep up with player movement and trades concerning the play system. This lead to roster updates leaving key players with the wrong types of plays.

The new play system addresses both of these concerns. The issue is that out of the box it can seem a little different, confusing and intimidating.

Join Czar, as he shows you how to tame this beast and hopefully helps you understand it's potential.

Enjoy !


  1. Thanks Czar.

    From your video, I know that just make it to be "none", you will receive several different plays of one type. That is just what I am wondering.

    One concern, players like Tony Allen and Ronnie Brewer type of players, who are poor shooters but great cutters, are pretty hard to find a right way to use. The CUTTER play type is not effective, more importantly, they are prone to commit the turnover when you pass the ball to the cutters.

  2. Looks like the playcalling system for NBA 2K12 is similar to that of 2K11, and to me that's a good thing. In my opinion there wasn't many things that need changing from the 2K11 format aside from having more plays be available for call on the fly for every player.

    And I really like having the option to prioritize the type of plays that would be ran for ever player in the Playcalling screen from the pause menu.

  3. Wang the cutter plays have to be defended well or users would cheese with them online. So they are not overly effective no. But they can work on occassion. Every play is not designed to get wide open shots. Some have a higher success ration than others.

    That is why the branching was introduced this year. Plays get stopped all the time in the nba that is when teams go into a quick pick and roll which you can use my other video to assist with.

    Think about it. Cutter guys aren't usually the main scorers on their team so they have plays you can run and maybe they will work getting them the ball in space or on the move. most times running plays for tony allen and brewer is a last resort.

    I didn't want them to all of a sudden become money plays.

  4. Yep, I just love breaching plays, it is realistic and gives users a variety of alternatives.

    But, seems like Tony-type players are not as useful as they are in the real life, please let 2k know that and add value to them cuz they are highly needed in teams, although they can't shoot:) aren't they.

  5. Thanks for all the great 2K info you put together on this site, you do a great job of breaking it down for the masses.

    I've been looking for the old 2K11 plays (specifically Portland) on 2K12. Do they no longer exist and been replaced, or are they just named differently? I'm lost without some of these plays and hope I'm just missing them somewhere. Any help you can give would be much appreciated!

    Thanks again for this site, keep up the good work!

  6. @SJR1276 Can you tell me the names of the plays you were looking for that were in 2k11. Most plays have been replaced or completely rewritten according to the scouting that was done for each team last season.

  7. Hope they are still there under a different name or only slightly tweaked. The four I used heavily were:

    1. 41 Roll (Blaze 3 out)
    2. 51 Roll (Blaze 3 out)
    3. 42 Roll (Blaze Horn)
    4. 13 up 2 (Blaze Floppy)

    Thanks for your help!

  8. First, thanks for putting up these instructional videos. It really helps a lot to bring me to speed in getting used to the new things in 2K12.

    I like the diversity in offense play calling this year. However, I found the aesthetic change in zone defense very annoying and distracting.

    Is there any way to remove those large spots on the floor when you call zone defense?

    thanks again.

  9. @JROM I am checking on this for you. If it can't be removed I am asking if they can add that ability in any probable patch.

    @SJR I will check on those plays for you as soon as I can.

  10. Love your videos & passion for the video game. you are a good dude. will u please do a video on defense, lt-rt man on & especially the left dpad settings, because it can get confusing, meaning i play on ball yet to get sucked away from my man. I think it may have to do with defense presettings made by the cpu. anyway thanks

  11. Thanks for the reply. I think I found the solution to the annoying zone-D highlights, it's in the controller settings-> who to guard. I just turned it off...

    However, you have to do this step to all the controllers which will be used in the game i.e. when friends come over.

    It would've been nice if the feature can easily be toggled like the offense play indicators which are in the main MyNBA settings.

  12. Hey DaCzar the play system is a thing of great beauty once you delve into it. But I have a suggestion for 2k13 to simplify it a bit because the sheer number of plays. Maybe I'm a noob because I dont recognize the play by the name but for me and I believe the majority of the community it would be great if there was some sort of indicator when u bring up the plays of the type of play. For example 3pt plays would have a 3 in front or some other symbol. Or maybe do the different playtypes in different colors. It would be much easier to scroll through them in that way.

  13. @SJR try out the POR 2 Side roll to get you that sg/pf PnR of the 41 roll. A bit more action than what you had in the other 2k11 plays.

    Take a look at the POR 2 angle play

    POR 2 Chest double is one of my favorites. You have the whole floor open in a 1-4 low and the PF set's 2 good screens if you need them to get open. Shooters in corners.

    Use the Clippers Floppy 4 in base to replace the 13 up 2. It's a dynamic floppy and the sf can come off either side I believe.

  14. @JROm thanks for the information. Your correct that would have been much easier.

    @Mazzo great suggestions. I am certain this will be improved next year. I will bring your suggestions to the table. We will see what happens. Sometimes there are technical issues that prevent the best ideas from being implemented. Great Idea !

  15. Thanks DaCzar for the play recommendations, this is exactly what I was looking for. I'll give them a go later today. Thanks again for your help.

  16. Very nice breakdown Da_Czar. I simply love the deep tactical approach 2K has given us with this game. I have a question though, does the P & R Handler plays determine who the ball is inbounded to (play initiator) after an opposing team basket?

    Best regards,


  17. Alonso thanks for stopping by. Who the ball is inbounded to is determined by a few different ratings this year. I forget what they are offhand but I think it has something to do with offensive awareness. Also there is a play initiator tag that some players have so if you have that tag the right ratings the ball can be inbounded to you.

  18. Thanks a lot Czar! I'm going to try it out and see what happens in different play sets. Looking forward to your next video.


  19. Great stuff on the playbook explanations. I had been setting mid range, 3pt, cutter and iso or another combo of all 5 plays to the icons. Essentially limiting the number of plays per player. So I will go in and adjust my shooters to mid range and 3pt plays to get a greater variety of plays for each player. Thanks for the explanation, this will really help increase the depth of my playbook.