Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Strategy Session 1: Practicing your Plays

What's happening Family. I am bringing back the strategy sessions. I want these to be shorter and more to the point. If you know me you know how difficult that is as I like to be as thorough as possible.

Just in case there is anyone out there who sincerely wants to get knee deep in their playbooks your going to need these workarounds to get at certain plays. I am already on 2k about fixing this for 13. Hopefully it makes it into the higher priorities and get's done.

It was way too late in the dev cycle when I brought this up to make any significant change.


  1. Great vid Czar

    I already got the game at midnight pickup. I will still keep my eyes on your sim nation site.

    As far as the play call. I found that in NBA 2k12, play call is even less effective than NBA 2k11. Most of the screens are weak since the could not virtually block the defender.

    Also, the worst thing I found is many plays really take too long as the clock winding down. You always find that there is just 4-5 second left when the final player catches the ball, and perhaps, that player is not at the best position to finalize the offense.

    don't get me wrong. I still think it is a great game, but I just wanna tell you the weakness I nitpick. Maybe you can let those opinions heard by 2k crew.

  2. Will do. Are you calling your plays as soon as you inbound the ball ? Also the screen logic is actually much much better than 2k11 in most instances. If you watch my video on the Wizards play of the day I illustrate how in 2k11 often times no screen was set at all.

    Also in 2k12 the screens adjust to the defensive player location. In 2k11 this was not the case. Maybe there are specific plays that are not working. Let me know what those are. But overall the screens and play calls should be much more effective.

    The plays are designed to be called after you inbound the ball. It is up to the coach (you) to know the quick plays from the longer plays.

    With only 24 seconds you can not wait until you cross halfcourt to call a 15 to 20 second play.

    So let me know the exact play your having issue with. COuld be the play itself is broken but in general play for play 2k11 shouldn't be anywhere close to 2k12 play wise.

  3. There is a question Czar.

    How can I organize my play? it seems like I can't organize the order of the plays. For example, I want to put 5 different kinds of PnR plays into the first page of Paul Pierce play call window. I I don't wanna flip the page every time I try to call the play need most, which means, I try to put the 5 most frequently used plays into the first page, can I do that?

    I have looked into that and have not found a way to do that. If it is not allowed, pls tell 2k to make it available.

    it is hard to explain, I don't know if you understand what I am saying , I am not a good explainer....thank you.

  4. I just want to say thank you for your hard work to keep the sim nation alive. Also what difficulty would you say everybody should start on? Lastly the moves are so in depth any advice on mastering them?

  5. 王骁男 , check out this link to developer insight

    It gives the reasoning behind why the system is the way it is and the benefits.

    You can not order you plays. Their order is dynamically created based on your playtype selections. To limit plays only assign PnR plays to your player basically limit his playtype to a single type and it will reduce the amount of paging necessary

  6. @WaltB Thank you and thanks for stopping by. I ALWAYS start out on pro. I know everyone is not like me but I don't play there for the challenge.

    I play on pro to understand the movement. Passing lanes and to determine what the game considers good defensive pressure.

    By playing on pro I am free to explore the movesets and judge their effectiveness. Get players shots down etc etc etc.

    Once I understand that and I can play my style and beat teams I should be beating then I move up.

    All star should have the most even cpu opponent. So that you won't see a lot of cpu skill enhancement. Some players are so good or so aggressive they need to make the cpu extremely efficient and give him boosts here or there.

  7. One thing I forgot to mention is that you can also go into scrimmage mode and access all your plays but you can't remove the defense. Allows you to get used to your in game playcalling skills

  8. man, what is about the fouls in this game? they are mostly random and aren't called by what you press but which players are interacting.. happens so often that my players are knocked over the whole floor and there is no foul called. ALSO please please please let them fix the issue with offensive fouls, man it's so annoying that your opponent does not fear to drive and dunk with LBJ the whole time because there will be no offensive fouls called. Hope you can change something, appreciate your good work, keep it up!!!

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