Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Roster Editors be careful Editing the New Abillites for Ratings

What's happening family it's your man the Czar. Deep into my 2k Holiday. I hope your enjoying yours. I just wanted to send a quick note out to all the fantastic roster editors.

Be very careful editing the new player abilities. Especially if your intent is only to get a specific number rating higher or lower.

The abilities control more than just percentages. They determine how well a player is able to perform that particular move vs the defense. Depending on the ability they also can control how fast/ effective a particular move is for the offensive player.

In this regard it is more important how that player actually plays in the game rather than his overall ratings.

This makes it sort of a different ball game for editing rosters. While the numbers given to players may not be aesthetically pleasing to you, It might have very little effect on how the player is able to perform for both the user and the cpu.

Under the hood a lot is going on that I can't discuss but I will say this. More than any other year it matters now only where you attempt a shot but what shot you attempt and who you attempt it on.

This adds a lot to the strategic nature of the game. If I have an excellent jump hook and a poor turnaround jumper against a great defender I want to use that jump hook as often as possible from my hotspots if I have any as often as possible.

If you just blindly go thru editing the post or other abilities to achieve a certain number you may throw off (or enhance ) the a players actual on court effectiveness.


  1. I'm not a meticulous roster editor or roster tweaker by any means, but this is all good nuggets of information to know for those who are. Thanks for keep us informed on this topic, Czar.

  2. Of course. I wouldn't edit those players without making a tier list for comparison first.