Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Jersey Nets 51 PnP : Running an Offense

What's happening family. I wanted to take a moment to show you how to use the plays in game to run an offense. Following the diagrams will only yield you so much success. Especially against a human opponent. An offense allows you to take advantage of open opportunities. It gives you options that you are free to exercise or to pass up. But they can only benefit you if you are aware of them

I have heard of a few users not sure when a play is over. With so many options that is certainly understandable. However the design was meant to allow you to take the first good option you see. No matter if there are more steps to follow. Those steps are only there if you need them. If the defense can't stop the first option no need to move on unless you want to move on.

Pound away at an option until they make an adjustment and then punish that adjustment until they give you something else. A great offense applies pressure to a defense by continually putting them in lose lose situations.

Enjoy !


  1. Hello Da_Czar!

    First of all, I'd like to THANK YOU for your great quality videos! You helped me to improve a lot my NBA 2k12 level :)

    I have a question for you. I realized that I have the same playing style as you. I also would be really interested into having the same sliders!

    You told us you use the realistic sliders with 3 points and mid range shots down to 47 for both the IA and the user.

    What are your parameters like for 4x12 min games? Did you keep the clutch factor on? Did you let the speed at 50?

    Thank you for your help!

    PS : please excuse me for my poor english, but I'm french ^^

  2. DMax your English is fine sir ! Now my french on the other hand... HAHAHA

    I use the sim settings as my base. My defense has improved so my fg and 3pt shooting sliders are now at 48 for me and the cpu. Plus I changed my camera angle and I don't shoot as well from the new angle but I prefer it.

    so depending on your defense and offense 47-48 works well for me.

    I got to see the code for clutch so I know it only effects shots taken in the last few minutes and only gives a player a slight boost or slight lowering of their % in the last 2 minutes. I know some think otherwise but I saw that for myself.

    Thanks for watching and visiting the site. It is much appreciated my French Brother in Hoops !

    I keep everything else the same. I find the pacing of the game to be very very good out of the box. So i have not messed with game speed.

    I am having some very enjoyable games with those settings. It's important to note that I look at games from an historical perspective. That said I honestly do not expect them to be perfect.

    I am able to see the massive improvement the games have made over the years and enjoy them as such.

    Happy gaming my friend !

  3. i was looking at the plays for my knicks and i didnt really see alot of options with them. is it me or is it the knicks playbook?

  4. @ Da_Czar :

    Thank you for your quick answer!

    I totally agree with you about enjoying the game, whereas some people are only ale to criticize the game editors...

    Personally, I lowered the speed at 45 and kept the basis camera.

    Just because I'm curious, what type of camera did you choose? ^^

    BTW, your catchword (I don't know how to say for a sentence ^^), "Don't play videogames, play BASKETBALL!" is just fantastic! :)

    @ ChristianC22 :

    I think it may be the Knicks playbook ^^

  5. @christianC22 the Knicks playbook is stacked. They are one of my favorite teams because of their plays.

  6. @DMax3 I use the Beluba camera the most but also the arena broadcast and sometimes the 2k camera.

  7. @Da_Czar can you do a video on the knicks because im having some trouble with seeing options in their plays. i can only find like 3 plays that have options.

  8. Thank you a lot for your quick answer Da_Czar!

    I'll continue to check out your site very day! :)