Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Heat Play of the Day

What's good family ?

Today Czar brings you the Miami Heat for our play of the day. The heat have one of the largest playbook's in the game with 44 stock plays. 38 of those are unique to their system. The heat have so many interchangeable parts you will see any one of 4 players handling the basketball depending who is on the floor.

When the BIG 2 are on the floor Lebron takes care of most of the ball handling for the team. When Lebron is out Dwade steps in as the primary facilitator. When neither of them is on the floor the reigns are handled by Super Mario and on some set's Mike Miller.

Last year certain plays allowed a non pg ball-handler to initiate the offense. However that ability was tied to a specific player and play. This year, if a player has the ability to run the offense, he can take the point for practically any play regardless of who the play was designed for.

This really opens up your offensive flow and allows for much needed variability from the AI against teams with multiple play initiators.

Without further adieu I bring you the Miami Heat Play of the Day !


  1. You're on point again with the analysis, Czar. The layout of the plays in the isolation-oriented dribble-drive offense shown in this video clip of the Heat is quite similar to those in the system that John Calipari ran when he was coaching at the University of Memphis. There are several reads and options available to the player -- usually a ballhandling guard -- who receives the ball on the first kickout pass and instructed to make a play (create space to take pull-up jumper, drive for layup/draw foul or drive to dump-off to teammate near the basket). Then the sequence will play out according to how well the defenders are able to recover to their man if they are able to ward off any drives into the lane. Usually there is at least one defender who would be late on rotation and/or caught out of position and possibly exploited by the third kickout pass. However, a scoring chance has to be created by the second kickout in the pro game since shot clocks in the NBA are not as long.

    At any rate, keep those movies coming!

  2. Kruza the MASTER of the playbooks. Thanks for stopping by and dropping that wisdom on us. I have always appreciate your playbook work over the years.

  3. Da Czar i really appreciate you doing this. I was wondering if you can do the plays for the knicks because that my favorite team and i want to know there plays like the back of my hand

  4. K Banks thanks for dropping by. I will definitely be covering the Knicks.

  5. Dope breakdown. Really like this vid.